Are you ready to bring your male partner closer by owning and embracing your feminine energy?

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This is what I feel when you have a feeling of confusion or fear about your female energy.

But it just didn’t happen!

Are you frustrated when your efforts to obtain what you desire are met with a deadlock and no change is made?

If your relationship is going well, then continue to be successful.

If you’re here, chances are you’re seeking answers. Stop doing the things that do not work and stop trying to make them better.

It is important to balance gender in relationships. Men tend to gravitate towards masculinity and women naturally lean feminine.

Our relationship is a confusing one.

Despite the fact that women have been making significant strides in achieving equality with males, they still face many challenges.

Yet, we have taken on leadership roles across the board in almost all areas of our lives: politics, business etc.

Do we confuse our femininity to the point that we do not feel like we can be ourselves and experience our best potential in our relationship?

It is my belief that a huge problem facing the world at the moment is how we express our masculine energies and denigrate the feminine, calling them unworthy.

In the masculine, there is an energy that is DOING, such as leadership, controlling, organizing, planning and implementing projects, competing and intellectualising, which are all important. And in the feminine, it’s an energy that is BEING, like caring, emotions, feelings, sensuality or creativity and co-operation.

If these energies balance in a partnership, harmony is the result.

If you imagine 2 ballroom-dancing couples, it’s a real joy to watch their synchronicity as they follow each other.

There is no better woman or more skillful man, however, most of us are drawn to a beautiful woman who expresses her feminine nature.

What if the two leaders were both trying?

They would all end up with swollen and bruised feet, and the method wouldn’t even work!

What I mean is that the feminine and masculine dances in our relationship are a part of me.

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