History of Gold IRAs

People have been using gold coins as currency and ornamental pieces since the beginning of time. Indeed, throughout history many cultures have used gold as a form of currency. Read more now on converting IRA to gold.


Gold was widely hoarded by people in the late nineteenth century after they lost faith in paper currency. Although physical gold remains valuable and is considered a safe asset, it can also be used to hedge against economic instability. Investing directly in gold bar or coin investments can come with risks.

In order to address these issues, those individuals who are interested in owning physical gold and including it as part of their portfolio for retirement can open a personal retirement account. The Gold IRA gives investors the opportunity to benefit from long-term precious metals growth while owning physical gold.

How Does a Gold IRA Function?

The Gold IRA works similarly to Roth IRAs or traditional IRAs. However, instead of stock, mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs), account holders hold physical gold or coins from recognized national minting institutes such as U.S. Mint. A precious metals broker acts as an intermediary between investors and the firms who hold gold in safe vaults.

Account holders must convert their existing conventional IRAs or create a selfdirected IRA before opening a golden IRA. To purchase gold bars and coins, a deposit is made. As time goes on, more contributions can be made until you reach your maximum contribution amount ($7,000 per year for older investors, or $6,500 for younger ones)

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