Car Detailing – 4 Useful Tips

The interior and exterior surfaces of the vehicle can be cleaned and restored by car detailing. It is an intensive, bottom-to-top clean which leaves your car like it was just bought. The work can involve removing the wheels and other car parts in order to get at parts otherwise out of reach like the suspension, brakes, and arch liners. Here are NearU Mobile Auto Detailing tips that will leave your interior and exterior looking brand new.

Leather Upholstery

The likelihood that the leather furniture will be completely cleaned increases if you immediately clean it after any spills or marks. If dyes, lipstick or other stains are allowed to remain for more than 24 hours the stain will become permanent. Leather-cleaning kits are available in many different forms and can be kept in your vehicle to assist with timely cleaning.

Air Vents

Air vents should be cleaned regularly. Vacuum cleaners with a brush attachment can easily clean vents that are notorious dust magnets. A simple artist’s brushes can also be used if your brush attachment does not have the right size.


Do a thorough cleaning of the carpets, rugs and furniture. With a high-quality machine, you can easily remove deep dirt which has accumulated with time. Many cleaners use a solution that sprays on the carpet to leave it looking as good as new. They also vacuum up dirt and grime. You can rent the hardware for deep cleaning the vehicle or purchase it outright. This is likely to be the best option over the long term.

The best solution is to simply replace the carpet if it has become too dirty. Replacement carpets are available for most makes and models of cars.

Door squeaking

WD-40 is a great lubricant to use on car doors. It will quickly eliminate the annoying squeak. After the doors have moved freely, you can add some motor oil to prevent squeaking and corrosion. You should also check other areas of your vehicle for signs of corrosion, including the latches on the doors. The silicone spray will help maintain these parts.

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