What about gold in your IRA? Read This First

You can have precious metals in any type IRA. It will diversify your financial assets and shield them from taxation. A tax shelter and diversification are both good things. Any gold broker can tell you that. However, before you pick up the phone or the mouse, it is important to know a few key points. You can get the best gold IRA company in this sites.

1. No Collectibles

The tax code is designed to encourage productive investment. It does not allow you to indulge in baseball cards, coinage from the Roman Empire, or other things that are too tempting. The IRA does not allow for collectible or numismatic coin. It is considered a prohibited collectible if a coin’s intrinsic value is heavily influenced by its rarity. If so, it’s an eligible commodity for your IRA. Your broker should know which coins they are.

2. Storage in an Approved Depot

Your gold cannot be buried in your back yard. It must be kept with an approved third-party depository. Doing otherwise is called a distribution. This constitutes an event that is taxable and defeats the purpose of the whole exercise. Problem: If you have a reason to own gold that involves a breakdown of society, physical access might be an issue.

3. Fees

The storage depository and the gold broker will not work for free. Expect to pay a set-up fee, transaction fee or annual administration fee as well as storage fees and “IRA” fees. You don’t want to pay a low price for metal, only to lose price advantage over excessive fees. Compare the metal price and all fees before you shop.

4. How much is metal price? – Does this not concern Gold?

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1977 stipulates that gold and silver as well as platinum and palladium, are eligible for favored IRA treatments, as long as they have the right quality or purity. Because the price per troy varies among precious metals, this gives you more freedom. If your broker does not handle silver, you can find another broker who will.

5. Only valid for new purchases

Do you claim you already own gold, and would you like it taxproofed? The law does not allow bullion and coins to be repurchased. Although the money used to make the purchase may be old, the metal must still be brand new.