Some Tips On Puppy Kennel Training


There is magic to getting a puppy, and they are cute and cuddly. They will eventually grow up, so it’s a good time to start training them right from the first day. As soon as you meet the cutest puppy in your litter, it is already clear that you have formed a close bond. Now it’s time for puppy kennel education.┬áIf you are looking for an amazing puppy with a ver Ified breeder you can look it up on Designer Cavapoo Puppies for sale

Canines that live outdoors are more civilized. They create their own ‘dens’ to shelter them from bad weather and provide for their young. This instinct can be used to your advantage to teach your puppy to love staying in a dog kennel.

You want your dog to view the kennel, as their “den”, and not feel like they are pushing you into your favorite recliner. Your puppy shouldn’t be forced to enter the kennel. To encourage the puppy, give them food or toys. They should be praised for their efforts once they enter the kennel.

If the kennel has a cushion, it will make the dog feel more at home. You shouldn’t be surprised that they may chew the cushion with their tongues. This is because they are absorbing its scent and making themselves at ease. If they are trying to tear it down, don’t spank them. Let them go in the kennel alone and after a few attempts they will stop tossing the padding about.

It’s a good idea for the best results to leave the door open at the kennel so that the puppy can enter and exit as they please. This will help reinforce the dog’s instinctive feeling that their new kennel has become their den. Your puppy will be more likely to follow you inside if they need to. Don’t make them open the doors and force them to close them. This will only cause them fear and make it very difficult for you to get them inside the door again.