You can Recycle Your Motor oils in Many Places

When you’re not sure how to get rid of it, motor oil, also known as “dinosaur oil” by some, can become a problem. You can get help. Recycling the icky sticky oil can be good for the planet. The oil is not allowed to go down the drain in most states. Click this link!

No rocket scientist is needed to explain why. For those who don’t, let me remind you that pouring waste oil down the drain, storm sewer, or even into wetlands will ultimately cause it seep out and seep to streams, lakes and wetlands. The oil can end up coating innocent animal species, and may even lead to death. The oil will adhere to anything, from beach sand to bird feathers. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that oil used from one oil-change can contaminate 1 million gallons (or more) of fresh water. The amount of oil is equivalent to a full year’s worth for 50 people. In addition to causing destruction and death, or even getting a fat fine for not recycling motor oil, the consequences are horrendous. To help you recycle your engine oils safely, we’ve published some tips.

Make sure the container is clean and has a secure lid. Avoid mixing the oil up with antifreeze or other chemicals, such as solvents. Maintain it at the purest possible level. This will make sure that all of the oil can be recycled. Your used oil can be taken to an oil-change business, service stations, recycling centers, and other locations that accept it. Search online for places that recycle oil and your locality if you cannot find one near you. The chances are that you will come across a local company who recycles your oil 99% the time.

It is possible to recycle used oil filters and dispose them properly. You can drain oil by making an airhole on the top of the old filter after you’ve removed it. The filter should be allowed to completely drain. You need 12-24 hrs to drain the filter. Once you’re done, it can be safely disposed of.

The recycling of motor oil has many benefits. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 4 million people in the United States reuse motor oils as lubricants for machinery or recycling facilities. Motor oil is reprocessed today into new oils, which are used in oil industries. For every gallon that is used to lubricate motor oils, you get 2.5 quarts. This equals 42 gallons.