What You Need to Know About Super Yacht Charter

The equivalent of a floating five-star hotel, Super Yachts are luxury yachts that exceed 80 feet. No expense is spared. Super Yachts today offer satellite TV, high-speed Internet, and chefs who cook according to your specifications. They also have all of the water toys, such as jet skiing, water skis, scuba equipment, and wind surfers. Interiors of these yachts are usually designed by renowned designers and include rooms to suit every need. They can have offices, children’s rooms, Nanny’s quarters (of course), master suites with lavish furnishings, decks dedicated to sunning, dining and hot tubbing and luxuriously appointed dining and salon rooms. The crew members are often more numerous than the guests, and they offer endless hospitality. Some Super Yachts have their own masseuses, beauticians and SCUBA instructors. Read more now on yacht broker mallorca

This luxury is usually found in a paradise, whether it’s the Caribbean Islands or the French Riviera, Sardinia or Greece, Spain, or less known but no less beautiful areas such as Asia, Australia, South America, or Africa. Super Yachts are known to spend their summers in Mediterranean hotspots and then travel across the Atlantic for the winter to the Caribbean, hopping between St Barts and St Lucia.

You can enjoy all of this luxury. Super Yacht Charter is a growing market, and there are more beautiful yachts launched each year. It’s not necessary to be Onassis, Armani or even a member of their crew to enjoy their yachts! The costs are not just for the rich. When you divide a Super Yacht’s price by two or more couples, the cost is often equivalent to the amount you would pay at a Five Star Resort.

Super Yacht Charter

There are many people who are intimidated by the thought of chartering a Super Yacht. They don’t know all the terms and customs. There is no reason to be intimidated! It’s no different from booking a hotel. In fact, it is easier to charter a Super Yacht because your broker does the work (at no cost) for you! Here are some tips on how to charter a Super Yacht.

Plan your vacation or event.

You can help us by giving your broker as many details as you can about what you want. When you think of “W”, the following words come to mind.

How many people will be travelling (children, cabins, etc.).

What is your preferred destination (where are you flying in, what sites do you wish to visit)?

What type of yacht would you like – motor, sail, classic, modern?

What is your budget?

Chartering for a holiday, event, family gathering, business meeting, or other reason.

The broker will find the best boat for you if you answer all the questions above.

Book early.

Most of the best yachts are reserved 6 months in advance or more. You should begin planning a Mediterranean summer vacation charter by November. Book it before the end of January. You should plan a Caribbean winter holiday during the summer if you want to go there.

Consider Several Alternatives, and ask questions.

It’s time to have some fun! Surf some of the most popular yacht charter websites to familiarize yourself with what’s available. You will soon discover the yachts you like (sailing, motor, classic, chic, etc.). You’ll soon discover the types of yachts that appeal to you (sailing vs motor, classic vs chic, etc.). You should find a broker that you enjoy working with. (You should receive GREAT service from a online broker or change to someone else. The broker should provide you with an online brochure of at least 4-5 yachts which meet your criteria. Now is the perfect time to dream and ask questions about the yachts you want. Your broker will often be able to visit the yacht, speak with the crew and assist you in planning your itinerary. You are buying a large item, so ask as many questions as you need to.

The crew is the charter.

The crew is what makes a charter spectacular, even if the yacht itself is perfect. Some crews have a more formal and traditional style, while others are relaxed and enjoy having fun. Charter brokers can provide you with crew profiles. In many cases, they will already have met the crew and know if it is right for you.

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